Mrs. Beeton’s Simple Coffee ~1861

A Very Simple Method of Making Coffee.

Coffee Preparation in the 1860s

All I have to say is: Thank goodness for paper filters! Which leads us to some very interesting trivia. The paper coffee filter was invented by a woman, Melitta Bentz, in 1908. No surprise that a woman would have invented the paper filter. I would have been searching for an alternative, too, if I were in the kitchen sewing muslin filters, cleaning muslin filters, and changing them out of the coffee ring multiple times a day. What a hassle. Surprised it didn’t happen until 1908.

If you have a moment, check out Melitta Bentz’s personal story, she was a pretty amazing woman and her company is still in business.

Cheers to Ms. Bentz!

Melitta Bentz, Inventor of the Coffee Filter in 1908

From Mrs. Beeton’s recipe collection c. 1861.

To keeping warm in January!

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  1. I have done my best to switch to tea for the new year, but I must say that many people owe a great deal to Ms. Bentz! I cannot imagine how many muslin filters would have been necessary in our house to get my wife and I through grad school! Thank you for sharing.

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