Folding Napkins ~1872

Victorian Napkin Diagrams.

I believe diagrams such as these were arguably the inspiration behind YouTube. #howtofoldcoolnapkins #ThankYouYouTube

Source: The new cyclopædia of domestic economy, and practical housekeeper. Adapted to all classes of society and comprising subjects connected with the interests of every family, and five thousand practical receipts and maxims. From the best English, French, German, and American sources. 
By: Ellet, E. F. (Elizabeth Fries), 1818-1877

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2 thoughts on “Folding Napkins ~1872

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  1. Looking at the diagram.

    Doesn’t it make you think of the person that *discovered* this and working it out, and how many times they worked through it to make it look festive, interesting, or delightful to the naked eye?

    It makes me further wonder about the character of the person they were in their walking life. Where they energetic, kind, thoughtful, positive, or entrepreneur of sorts?

    Foolish thoughts perhaps, but it makes me curious about the person and where they drew inspiration and improved upon creating beauty from a simple dinner napkin.

    …is that weird?

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    1. If I were a betting person, I’d put money on the servants sitting one afternoon “downstairs” and playing with the napkins. Trying to figure out different ways to make them look festive or elegant. Probably an artistic teenager. Then I think that the Lady of the House wanted to write a book about cooking and home life, so she went and interviewed the servants. Have you read ‘The Help’ yet? If not, get yourself to a library RIGHT NOW and do so. Amazing read that I think you will LOVE.

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