Classic Recipes Baking with Nutmegs.

Getting my nutmeg on with seasonal recipes. Picked up this jar from the store the other day and it sparked images of great trade ships with sails full to the wind embarking on multi-year journeys to bring back this fragrant treasure. Nutmeg was a popular spice 150+ years ago, used in sweet and savory dishes alike! You’ll often see recipes that call for a whole nutmeg, or more.

What’s your favorite cooking/baking spice?


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6 thoughts on “Nutmegs

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  1. What’s your favorite cooking/baking spice?

    Anything that *smells* spicy!

    Yesterday, I made a wonderful little coffee cake with lots of spice added! Let me share I serviced it this morning and now it is almost gone as I know someone will *sneak* past or wait until mom is no longer standing sentry. Tomorrow morning I expect it to vanish into the thin cold air.

    Looks like I gotta start getting my nutmeg on.

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