Cornucopia ~2018

Homemade Gifts of Bounty.

Quiet day on the homefront today. Spontaneous day off from the CinC allowed me to spend the morning at the DMV and then work on some stuff here and think about the holiday season coming up. I enjoy gifting presents of food and beverage. It’s the physical embodiment of nurturing through nourishment.

Last year, friends and family received homemade wine or cookies (for the non-drinkers). This year, my Sangiovese should be ready to wrap up just in time for the holiday season. I’ve been waiting soooo patiently to bottle this one. Like really patient.

I should get a gold star for not siphoning it off… Not even a little bit.

Spent the afternoon working on the label and had to share!


Cornucopia obviously reflects the idea of bounty – and it’s a beautiful word in its own right. I recently finished a *very* tedious book on the history of wine, and was inspired! Dionysus on the left is holding a Greek kylix, which would have been filled from a central vessel. The wine would have probably tasted pretty awful, spices and even resin were used to cover the fact that it quickly turned to vinegar.

Hmm… Now that I think about it, I hope I haven’t doomed my wine to taste like vinegar. Oh well. There’s always the White Elephant gift exchange.


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