Apple Tansey ~1744

Apple Tansey Recipe.

This apple recipe is new for me. The interwebs has a surprising amount of information about the history of Apple Tansey, and informs us that the recipe was popular among colonists. Those recipes seem to call for flour, which is conspicuously absent from this present version. I would think that adding the flour turns it into more of a fritter than Apply Tansey.

Note: You can substitute vanilla for rosewater.

Source: Adam’s luxury, and Eve’s cookery, or, The kitchen-garden display’d : in two parts … to which is added, the physical virtues of every herb and root. 1744

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  1. I love this recipe (and most old recipes)! I need to think of how I can adapt it for my friend who has both Celiac’s and has lactose intolerance. There are the regular substitutions (e.g., carefully selected margarine for butter, etc.), but when you stack substitutes it tends to alter the taste too much for my liking. Thank you for continuing to share interesting recipes.

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    1. Hmm… Not sure about the replacement for the milk/cream. You could try just doing it with water… I’m thinking that you can substitute milk/water in omelettes… Yeah, high maintenance allergy people. Near and dear to my heart! Thanks for stopping by!


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