To Re-Cook Cold Turkey ~1881

Leftover Turkey Recipe.

Thanksgiving_DinnerHope all of my readers who celebrate Thanksgiving enjoyed a lovely day! We had the traditional meal here with my folks. Good company, good food, good memories. Of course, one of the side benefits of having a large, traditional feast are the leftovers. It’s an excuse to eat that piece of pumpkin pie with your morning coffee (guilty as I type!). True fact: I had a moment of panic in the middle of the night that I accidentally forgot the extra gravy on top of the stove.

Oh! All that delicious gravy gone to waste! 

Blessedly, the gravy had been neatly tucked away between the many tupperware containers packed in the fridge. Whew! Relief!

What are your favorite ways to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers?

This 1881 turkey leftover recipe calls for oysters – and oyster liquor – which is not a food I would typically associate with leftover turkey. But it sounds wonderful! You’ll also find the requisite grated nutmeg.


More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks

Source: Home Cookery 250 Tested Receipts, 2nd Ed. Mrs. H. 1881. Jackson Brothers Printers, Philadelphia.

8 thoughts on “To Re-Cook Cold Turkey ~1881

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  1. Nice to know I am not the ONLY person that freaks out when grease is left out over night on the stove. 😉

    Great picture BTW!

    As I am typing, chocolate bread from a 1950’s pamphlet on Pet Milk is complete and out of the oven. As I was prepping the ingredients, the recipe called for it to sifted twice. As of now (looks at time) one of the two small loaves is almost gone. It then caught my eye at the bottom that this *bread* is used for a ladies tea and as a light snack in between times.

    Oh my husb wanted you to know he had a LARGE slice of pumpkin pie with his coffee this morning, too.

    Please share a cheery hello to your family from your recipe sister.

    Here’s to wonderful food and warm company in which memories are made then generously left over to keep us warm in winter.

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    1. You’re cooking after Thanksgiving? Wow! Hats off to you! Just finished the last of the apple pie.

      I love those old pamphlets. I have a few, one of my favorites is for recipes using O Henry! candy bars… Also have a few for Jello-o. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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