Carving ~1875

How to Carve a Turkey

Time to ramp up the Thanksgiving holiday cooking-theme. I always thought it was an interesting dichotomy growing up: The Matriarch did the roasting. The Patriarch did the carving. Here was see the gender divide as well. Today? Well, if you’re going to fry it in peanut oil, then I’m fine with someone else taking on the chore of gobbler cooking!

“One is born with no mechanical genius should never torment himself or distract his family by attempting to carve.”

What are your Thanksgiving meal plans, dear reader? What recipes would you like to see over the next week?

Carving_1875Source: In the Kitchen, 1875.

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3 thoughts on “Carving ~1875

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  1. I could not honestly say we actually *carve*

    However, to reside inside of polite society, I will add he does smoke the turkey on the BBQ pit which has been very welcomed by our family, as well as vacuumed up by guests. Yet every time he decides to deviate from this technique, I give him a look.

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