Election Cake ~1875

1879s Election Cake Recipe.

Election day here in the US. Time to get your bake on. This recipe is quite involved. Makes 9 loves – plenty to share at the polls! (Find out about measurements here.)

In 1875, Ulysses S. Grant was the President of the US; he helped lead the Union to victory over the Confederacy during the Civil War under Abraham Lincoln, who had been assassinated just 10 years prior. His would have been the first election since the assassination. Elections in a deeply divided country required sustenance.

Let them eat cake! Oh wait …

Source: In the Kitchen, 1875.

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9 thoughts on “Election Cake ~1875

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      1. Yeah, but you have to vote to get the stickers. Not everyone can vote, but cake…cake brings us all together. We are all One. (Please pass the cake.)

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      2. Unless you’re allergic to cake. If you’re allergic, you sit off in the corner of your cubicle, sneaking glances of envy at your co-workers enjoying cake in convivial bliss, while you nurse your slightly-spiteful, self-pitying, ostracized soul with a bitter black cup of coffee. Probably cold coffee, too. Give me the damn sticker.


  1. Your post makes me want to break out in a Duran Duran song, “Election Day” 🙂

    Perhaps I’ll take the wine or brandy instead. I heard it makes the ironing day go faster.
    (eyes ironing board, iron, spray, and clothes…..)

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