Household Tips for Tuesday ~1875

5 Helpful Hints for the Home.

A fun read, including “a most beautiful application of the science of chemistry.” I just can’t figure out what the first one is for… What are we leaching?





Source: In the Kitchen, 1875.

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  1. I have an answer for your question, dear Convivial. It has to do with aguanomics. This wisdom comes from two people I know that handle and care for fish tanks as a hobby. I was given the scientific version from two very intelligent individuals, but hope I can place it in more simpler terms for us all. :o)

    ( I was like a Kit Kat commercial…. I needed a moment )

    First, the leaching mentioned here is water. By leaching through the straw, lime, and pouring by the center hole, it acts as a sieve in which the minerals are removed in order to make water more solvable for solutions as detergent in washing clothes, or other house hold needs involving that necessary H2O. Also the lime and ash kills bacteria which can make you sick.

    Second, in removing minerals (Example: RO water- reverse osmosis) we rid ourselves of 2 gallons of water to ever 1, thus what we dean impurities, but also other helpful minerals. In more simpler terms boiling water is another. Still one more example would be the Sulfur in Louisiana drinking water which reeks of that hated smell which is necessary to render in order to drink!

    Third, as my fish hobbyist stated, it is difficult, but not unmanageable to balance an ecosystem. It is easy to add what is missing, but harder to take way, or for those that sew, as a top level seamstress shared with me, it is easier to have more than less.

    Hope that helps. If you write me privately, I could go into more nefarious details while the hobbyist dictate as I type, but honestly believe most could grasp what is being said.

    Thus, this concludes my report on Leeching Hard Water…. a most beautiful application of the science of chemistry.

    (ppst…. Professor Fredrickson, I shall be waiting with eager anticipation for my grade aftermath.)

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