Feeling Saucy ~1819

6 Sauce Recipes.

No parsley? No problem! Off colored meat? No problem! Vive le saucier!

Lemon Sauce 1819

Tomato Sauce 1819

Apple Sauce 1819

Sauce for Fowl 1819

Egg Sauce 1819

Parsley Sauce No Parsley 1819

SourceAmerican domestic cookery, formed on principles of economy, for the use of private families. 1819.

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6 thoughts on “Feeling Saucy ~1819

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  1. Have apple sauce AND pork chops that are calling out to each other. Just trying to keep the two separated is a nightmare as someone keep trying to pass love notes behind my back to the freezer. #Unlike_Dating_Services

    They keep sending friend requests to each other on Tinder….

    FYI: Did you know most men prefer dark sauces in general?

    One year I made a home made cranberry sauce from the berries you purchase from the store! WOW yummy!
    I should send the recipe to you, if I can locate it, and leave those two alone long enough conjugate verbs.

    To our saucy throw by Thursdays!

    Liked by 1 person

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