Household Finances ~1819

Words of Wisdom.

Ready money should be paid for all things … and those who thus pay are usually the best served. Another great excerpt advocating for the financial literacy of women within their domestic sphere (previous post here). Summary overview: 1) pay in cash, 2) deal with known merchants, 3) keep a ledger, 4) know comparable prices to avoid being hoodwinked.

Sound advice today. 

I was reading a financial blog that essentially advocated for the same practices. Who among us is not guilty of an impulse purchase labeled as a bargain only later to be lamented? A good friend of mine calls all such items ‘separators’ – as in something that separates you from your money.




Source: American domestic cookery, formed on principles of economy, for the use of private families. 1819

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  1. My husband makes the same statement of, anything that tries to separate you from your money.

    Your friend’s term also makes me think of two new terms I came across quite by accident in the world of fashion from thrift minded ladies. Slow fashion and shopping one’s closet. Quite honestly, I had not realized shopping ones closet could be so much fun when looking at new trends for each season.

    Nothing new under the sun as what is old is new again. :oD

    Here’s to sage advice that is not only old school, but still cool!

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  2. “Seperator.” I like it. I’ll have to run that by my wife and see if we can get on the same page with that line of thinking!

    Thanks for the quick read.

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