Coffee Monday Yuban ~1920

Yuban Coffee Advertisement.

“No matter how tolerant a man may be of his food, he is always critical of the quality of his coffee.”

Yuban is the unfailing coffee.


Happy Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Monday Yuban ~1920

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  1. I remember my mother saying that Yuban was the premier coffee and more expensive, so she purchased Hills Brothers. I think the red can had an Arab (?) dressed in yellow on it? I got to take the key off of the bottom of the can and wind the metal strip around the can near the top. When this strip was wound off, then the lid was separated from the can. I had to be careful because of the sharp edges that were created. I wonder if anchovy and sardine cans still have that a key to open them?

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    1. What a lovely story! I’ve seen cans with keys in museums, but not on contemporary cans – now it’s either pull tabs, or sealed cans with a plastic lid that can be re-sealed. Or nothing and you still need that can opener. Great memory! Thanks for stopping by!


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