Apple Fritters ~1819

Gluten Free Apple Fritters Recipe.

New to fritters, here. Was inspired after watching a cooking show and found a simple apple fritter recipe in American domestic cookery, formed on principles of economy, for the use of private families, my current kitchen companion.


Here’s the pancake recipe. Fritter batter is supposed to be runnier than regular pancake batter.


Notes: Use green apples – or another tart variety. I used a sweeter variety and, while delicious, think that a tart fruit would be better overall. Alas, I had enough eggs so did not have to resort to a small beer. Maybe next time.

Also had a lot of trouble with the sugars in the apples singing on the griddle – as you can see in the picture below. Still edible, but you’ll want to fry these over medium or medium-low heat.

Apple Fritters-1819
Careful! Cook over medium-low heat.


Family Reaction?

A little skeptical at first, but I left them on the breakfast table and when I came back 30 minutes later they were all gone. Resounding success.

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