5 Household Cleaning Hints ~1819

Cleaning Tips from the Early 1800s.

As you go about your weekend chores, here are some helpful hints to get your work done! From blackening stone chimney-pieces to shoes, American domestic cookery, formed on principles of economy, for the use of private families  covers it all!

To blacken the fronts of Stone Chimney-pieces.Stone_Chimney_Pieces_1819

To clean (Silver) Plate.
Note the reference to mercury as being injurious.ToCleanPlate

To clean Paper Hangings.Clean_PaperHangings_Victorian

To take Ink out of Mahogany.Ink_Mahogany_1819

Find blacking for shoesFine_Blacking_Shoes


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4 thoughts on “5 Household Cleaning Hints ~1819

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  1. Very interesting. Has anyone tried this method? Hartshorn- powder. IS that made from antlers of deer (hart)

    Had to chuckle about mercury being injurious…. ya think?

    Duck Duck Go: Hartshorn…. made from male red deer antlers. Know what it is???? drum roll, please…..

    Ammonium carbonate, and early form of smelling salts.

    Ohhff.. I bet THAT smelled bad!!! That makes sense in the Jane Eyre movies and Pride and Prejudice when those that smelled it made such a bad face!

    Spirit of hartshorn was used as a aqueous solution of ammonia.

    Wonder if some of this is better than the chemicals we use now.

    Things that make you go hmmmm…..

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    1. Ammonium carbonate – How the heck did they figure this stuff out? I suppose there was ample time on their hands without Netflix and the interwebs. You couldn’t argue that it’s not natural! But then again, mercury is arguably natural, too…

      Here’s to weekend chores with spray-bottle bleach!

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  2. Not that I have a clue about the rest of the cleaning suggestions, the shoe one of particularly strange to me. What is ivory black? Would it be charred ground Ivory? Why sugar? Sweet oil of the edible variety? And really, beer? Didn’t they have better things to do with beer?! I know “small beer” is a thing and different from regular old beer, but what IS the difference? I’m baffled.

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