Jam ~1819

Early 1800s Strawberry Jam.

Who doesn’t love strawberry jam on Sunday morning waffles? Antique cookbooks can be curious reads – as much for of what they include as what they exclude. I went searching for a strawberry jam recipe hoping to preserve some strawberries for the winter months ahead.

Most cookbooks will include a section on preserves and jams. American Domestic Cookery c. 1819 is no exception. The odd part, however, is that there were very few recipes for strawberries – at all – let alone jam. One of the few involved preserving strawberries in wine:


Google is a little thin on images of goose-berry bottles. Imagine it is a wide-neck bottle that allows the whole berries to be inserted. Madeira would have been one of the only stable wines of the era, so this make sense as well.

The jam recipes from the book were surprisingly similar in process. Here are two for currants and raspberries:


Raspberry Jam Recipe 1819

For those readers who can, you’ll notice right away that these recipes are essentially the same as our modern recipes for making jam (minus all of the sterilization). The author may have decided that the home cook could figure out the basics and extend to other fruits. In the end, success!

Ruby gems of strawberry jam!


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