Mysteries of Puddings ~1805

How to Boil Pudding.

Today’s post answers a question that I’ve long had about the mystery of boiled puddings. You’ll often come across recipes for boiled puddings tied up in cloth, but I could never picture how this functioned practically: If you have a liquid mixture tied in a bag and then placed into a boiling pot of water, it just seemed like things were bound to turn out messy.

Drum roll….

Rules to be observed in making Puddings, &c.

(sorry for the print bleed – this is a 220 year old book)


Mystery solved. You butter the dish, put in the mixed ingredients, tie it up with a cloth and place it in the boiling water. Essentially it is a water bath on top of the stove – or more likely fire in this case.

Finally, everything is clear!

Here’s a boiled custard pudding recipe to try out the technique:


Source: The art of cookery made plain and easy, 1805

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