12 Sandwich Recipes ~1897

One Dozen Unique Sandwich Recipes.

From the 1890s.

The first image on this one is pretty bad – but we’re going with it because it’s such a great find. Not your typical sandwich shop list. Here’s to some inspiration!


“In making sandwiches, whether for traveling,  lunches or for any entertainment, home-made bread is the better for this purpose. Cut off all crusts, slice very thin with a sharp knife, and spread with good butter. Use whatever filling is desired. Will give one dozen varieties for making them:

For cheese sandwiches – Spread a thick layer of cream cheese, then a thin layer of olives cut fine; spread this on thin slices of bread and press firmly together.

Date Sandwiches – Remove the stones from the dates (good call) and mash the fruit to a smooth paste; then spread a generous layer on unbuttered slices of bread.

Chicken sandwiches – Chop cold chicken very fine, heat some rich cream and mix with it; season with salt and pepper and spread between slices of bread.

Veal – Chop cold veal and mix with salad dressing, the spread between slices of bread.


Spread thin slices of bread with strawberry or raspberry jam and cut in fancy shapes. These are nice for children’s parties.

Walnut sandwiches – Chop English walnuts very fine and mix with melted butter or whipped cream, so they can be spread easily on bread.

Peanuts done the same way make a nice sandwich for an evening party. Mix these with salad dressing.

Ham, tongue and lamb – Mince very fine and mix with a salad dressing, then spread between thin slices of buttered bread (Note: this one counts as 3 separate recipes).WalnutSandwiches

Egg sandwiches are very nice made of cold hard-boiled eggs, mixed with a salad dressing and spread between bread.

When celery is in the market an excellent filling for sandwiches can be made from it. Chop very fine several heads of nice celery and mix with salad dressing, so that it can be easily spread between the brad. They are nice for traveling. They can be cut into all sorts of fanciful shapes. They should be wrapped in a damp cloth to keep them moist and fresh.Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.09.56 AM

Whew! That’s it! One dozen sandwich recipes.

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