Habits of Economy ~1800

Gravy, Broth, or Soup.


Do you save your drippings? If so, what do you use them for? Here’s an excerpt on saving drippings and broths to make soup and collect grease for frying. In our household, I save chicken drippings for soup all of the time.

Here’s the most recent addition:


You can see the layer of fat settled on the top, and the stiff gelatin on the bottom. This is from about 8 roasted chicken thighs. When separated, I’ve used the fat for various savory dishes, most recently chicken croquettes – OMG, good! The jelly portion makes an excellent gravy or soup base. Just add herbs, as our author suggests. So much more delicious than store bought – and cheaper, too! For, “who can tell in these times of fluctuation and uncertainty, how valuable habits of economy may prove to themselves?”

Source: The New London Cookery and Complete Domestic Guide, 1800.

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