The Daily Menu August ~1914

Happy Friday! Here’s a little inspiration for your meals today. When’s the last time you made tapioca? It’s been well-over a year for our household. Adding it to the grocery list now…


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      1. I think this might have been the early version of pineapple snow because of the beaten egg white. Pineapple snow became popular during the depression as a Jell-O recipe. The problem with the Jell-O recipe was the egg white was folded in when the Jell-O was not hot enough to kill salmonella. I like the idea of a double boiler and tapioca can be hot enough for safety reasons. I thought you might enjoy this little bit of information.

        I looked for the old recipe on line but didn’t find one. I probably need to dig through my 1930;s cookbooks.

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      2. I’ve never made (or even come across) tapioca with any sort of additives or flavorings other than what’s on the package. My brother was a huge tapioca fan and would make it by the tub full, but we were a pretty plain vanilla Joy of Cooking household. I have the pineapple and the tapioca now. Perhaps a weekend project. Thanks for stopping by!

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