Snits and Knepp ~1910

Snits and Knepp Recipe.

Early 1900s Camping Recipe.

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Any snits un knepp fans out there? The above recipe comes from the 1910 Horace Kephart book, Camp Cookery. It is, after the fashion of so many early recipes collections, a little sparse on the details. Wikipedia comes in handy with the following description:

Schnitz un knepp, often spelled schnitz un gnepp, is a popular main dish item in the cuisine of the Pennsylvania Dutch and rural families. It is basically a dish of ham or pork shoulder with dried apples and dumplingsApple snitz are dried slices of apples, and knepp (German for “buttons”) are rivels (dumplings).

To recap, main ingredients are: sliced rehydrated apples, a salted meat (ham), and dumplings.



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  1. I used to watch my great-grandmother dry apples to keep for Snitz un Knepp over the winter. Translated, my father, who spoke PA Dutch, told me it meant “Apples and Buttons”…the buttons being the ‘dumplings’. In our region, it is used either as a dessert (some prefer it with the broth strained out), or with ham (and sometimes potatoes and onions). As a dessert, I think it is reminiscent of an apple dumpling.


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