Strawberry Wine ~1780

Strawberry Wine Recipe.


Still strawberry season here. Time to try something new? This recipe comes from the Farmer’s Wife, circa 1780. For other home winemakers out there, this recipe is a treat. The recipe calls for yeast inoculation by spreading two sides of bread with the yeast and setting it on top of the primary fermentation vessel. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Granted there would still be variability in which yeast would wind up in the wine, but this would probably help the odds.

Note, also, that this recipe is clearly aimed at the housewife. Home brewing and winemaking would have been the woman’s responsibility back in 1780. Fast-forward 200 years, and the winemaking and brewing industry are male-dominated. So, if you’re a gal and interested in trying something new, maybe it’s time to roll up those sleeves and experiment with some kitchen chemistry – and strawberries!

Here’s another version from 1917. There’s no mention of yeast inoculation at all. Curious.


Loving summer’s bounty? Or are we all neck deep in zucchini?

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