Fried Quoits~1910

Fried Quoits Recipe.

Dear Readers – I need your help! What, you ask, is a quoit? I hope someone here knows. Tried the old Google standby and it came up blank. Did a cross-reference on the Library of Congress newspaper database and it also came up blank. This is a first for me.

Take a look at the recipe below, it was in the ‘bread’ section of the book that has recipes for grits, cornmeal, etc. The cooking method is wonderfully descriptive. Maybe it’s a typo?

There’s another mystery, too – What’s with the visit from the oldest grandmother? Is that like you’re going to have indigestion in the middle of the night? Or she’s going to come and nag you? I love colorful cookbook authors.


I did find the reference to the Lees and Clutterbuck book, A Ramble in British Columbia, first published in 1887, which looks like a colorful and fun little read, but I couldn’t find the recipe above. They do give us a fantastic picture of what our campsite would have looked like 130 years ago. Fish, anyone?


Here’s a link to Camp Cookery, more to come.

Happy camping!


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  1. From the recipe description I think it’s just another name for a doughnut made of biscuit dough.
    As for the grandmother’s visit, it looks like a joke/threat – if you’ll fail to fry it right, an old ghost will visit you…
    Wired recipe! 🙂

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