Raspberry Wine ~1810


Berry Season!

This raspberry wine recipe comes from A New System of Domestic Cookery (1810). What I really like about it is that (1) it’s a simple recipe that’s pretty much spot-on in terms of process, and (2) it’s small batch. Typically these recipes come in batches of 50 gallons, so this one is a nice change.

Anyone could easily give this a go.

Raspberry Wine Recipe 1810

Note: Boil the water with the sugar and add the bruised fruit to it in a big bucket. Let it sit for about 2 weeks, instead of 2 days. You could really experiment and see what kinds of yeast naturally start the fermentation process, or pick up a $2 package of wine yeast at your local brew shop or favorite internet outlet and toss it on to the concoction after it’s cooled down again.

Of course, if you prefer your berries on pastries and cereal, that’s fine, too.

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