Independence Cake ~1866

Screenshot-2017-10-29 Jennie June's American cookery book, containing (2).png

Wait… How many people is this supposed to serve?!? And just how big is this oven? Forget the oven – how big was the bowl???

Obviously an Independence Day celebration back in 1866 was some celebration! Bring on the party!


  • 20 lbs. of flour
  • 15 lbs. of sugar
  • 10 lbs. of butter
  • 4 dozen eggs
  • 1 quart wine
  • 1 quart brandy
  • 1 ounce of nutmegs
  • 3 ounces each of cinnamon, cloves, mace
  • 2 pounds of citron
  • 5 lbs. currants
  • 5 lbs. raisins
  • 1 quart of yeast


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9 thoughts on “Independence Cake ~1866

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    1. Well, I guess after all of the work that goes into making it, how much energy will the baker have to put into decorating? Let’s be real. This recipe takes the cake! (Sorry, just had to…) Lol! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is very amusing since I made a cake recently.

    …well, it’s gone now.

    Our oldest boy and my husband both said when they heard I made cake making their way home from work, ” MMMmmm, cake.”

    Men are such queer creatures. :o)

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      1. Hey good morning!

        It is called Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake. The only *extotic* thing I did was use ground cloves instead of cinnamon as a member of our family cannot stand the taste.

        This morning was the second time I made it with help with the youngest member of our family. Since it calls for 1 Tb-spoon of cinnamon and I used cloves, it was a bit, well strong.
        HA HA on me! If I make it a third time I will use All Spice and will sift all the dry ingredients it to see if it turns out differently. Then again, I cream the eggs and sugar before adding the hot melted butter whether it calls for it or not. (but that’s just me!!)

        “The glaze was fun to make.” My youngest wanted to let you know, and so far no one has said no to cake. :o)

        Will be more than happy to share it with you my dear friend. It is a very easy cake and I used a bowl twice that had cake mix (after scraping) in it to save myself from washing 3 bowls. I also thought of you wondering how your weekend went.

        To easy delicious recipes from home!!!


  2. You know… I am disappointed in the independence cake. I thought all I had to do was buy the bowl and it would make itself!!!! #OldestChildComment

    I personally thought Jack brought his friend *giant* and he supplied the oven, yes?

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