Butchery ~1807

Kitchen Knives, etc.

Back to the kitchen for today’s post! Saw these and thought the illustrations were fascinating, in a macabre kind of way. I’m familiar with larding needles and meat cleavers, but a cutlet bat is a new one.


Additional instruments for the home cook: meat saw, chopping boards, basins, and knives.

From a language perspective, I wonder when we stopped calling them chopping boards and started calling them cutting boards? Maybe when our meat began coming to us pre-chopped? Or is that just an Americanism?


And where did you keep your meat? In the meat safe, of course! The meat safe is also a new one for me and the illustration is incredible. It looks like it has a shelf surrounded by mesh and placed in a window. This makes sense for winter use, but for the warm season?

Still, major props for 1807.


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