What To Do With Stale Bread ~1897

Using Stale Bread.


Okay – so bread isn’t big in my list of household staples because we are gluten free. I do, however, keep a loaf in the fridge. I also keep a bag of heels in the fridge for various and sundry recipes.

Stale bread typically finds a home in bread pudding or soup.

How do you use up your stale bread?

Use the comments section below!

sliced bread beside wheat on table

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14 thoughts on “What To Do With Stale Bread ~1897

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  1. ohhhh…. I like how A. JoAnn thinks!

    I like for my croutons to taste like bacon and do them on the stove top in a little bacon grease and add a few to creamy homemade tomato soup. They don’t last long either… sigh….

    Had some left over bread from last week and made it into French Toast this morning!! Had to turn people away as it was being cooked. My family like to sneak up and grab ’em as they finish and so I have to stand sentry!!

    In a pinch, have seen left over bread used as a quick crust for seasoned liquid to cook on in the oven.

    Perfect timing as usual Convivial Supper!

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    1. Yummy! I’m not familiar with it as a quick crust. I tried to use gluten free bread heels as a bottom for quiche, but it just turned soggy and unappetizing. Oh well. Love the idea of using bacon grease to flavor them for croutons. Healthy? Meh. Delicious? Ooooh yeah!

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  2. To make croutons, I toss stale bread cubes in olive oil, sprinkle with fresh ground pepper, and spread on a foil-lined sheet pan. Roast in a 400deg. oven for 5 min, toss, and roast for maybe 2 minutes more, I keep them in a ziplock bag for up to a week. Thanks for another fun post.

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  3. We make them here in Vermont with dark amber maple syrup. You literally roll out a slice of stale bread flat, soak it in a mixture of maple syrup and melted butter, and line muffin cups with them, pointy ends sticking up. Sprinkle the bottom with cooked, crumbled bacon or sausage or soy sausage and a little cheese. Crack in an egg, and bake for about 12 to 15 minutes, keeping an eye on them.

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