Family Sauce ~1825

Sauce a tous Mets.


One can never have enough sauce recipes! Here’s one that requires some planning ahead (8 hours), but could probably work in a slow cooker.


  • 1 pint stock
  • 1 large glass white wine
  • Pepper/salt
  • A little thin lemon peel (guesses on amount?)
  • Bay leave
  • Dash of good vinegar


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  1. Looks like it’s just concentrating the stock. Even with the vinegar, salt, and alcohol I’d be leery of using it more than a day or so after making it as stocks tend to sour quickly if not frozen. May also want to stick with chicken, beef, or veil stocks for this. Vegetable and fish stocks may turn bitter after simmering that long. I like adding lemon zest and juice to poultry stocks. Would you use a dry white wine or something sweeter?

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