Strawberry Season! 1920

Strawberry-Themed Menu June 1920.

white bowl of whole strawberries
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Strawberry season is well and truly here! Yay!


We are surrounded by strawberry fields, and have the luxury of indulging in sweet strawberry abundance for a pittance. I pick up a half-flat every Monday afternoon at the local farmers market with good intentions to whip up marvelous confections.

Alas, by Tuesday morning the teens have made short work of our ruby horde … and maybe that’s not a terrible thing as they, too, have come to appreciate fresh strawberries in all of their simple, naked glory.

Here’s a wonderful find, featuring a full strawberry-filled menu for the week! 

If you are interested in the recipes, check out the link below.






Source: New York Tribune, June 6, 1920 (Link to recipes!)

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  1. I absolutely love this set of menus. It so wonderfully shows how menus were tied to the seasons in days gone by. When it’s strawberry season, it’s time to make strawberry desserts. 🙂

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    1. I completely agree! I was thinking about the menus the other day and remember my grandmother setting out what we would consider involved lunches-pickled corner salad, sandwiches, tomato soup, juice, followed by cookies and tea and fruit. We don’t do it that way anymore and lunch is typically as my desk with microwaved leftovers. So glad you enjoyed them!! Thanks for stopping by! 🏵️💮🌸

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