Coffee Monday: The Coffee Fiend ~1919

The Dreaded Coffee Fiend.

He looks like a shady character…

Happy Monday!

The coffee substitute fiend. Mr. Buffey is always trying to get you to drink “roasted wispies” or “wheat-ocrisp,” the last one to be tried being always just as good as the best coffee without any of the injurious qualities of coffee.

Coffee Substitutes

Coffee substitutes, including roasted wheat and chicory were common in days of yore – probably popularized during the food shortages of the Civil War. Not sure about WWI. I find these ‘coffee substitute’ recipes regularly.

It would appear that the fiend who substitutes regular for decaf at the office is following in historic footsteps of Mr. Buffey … and easily identified by the flaccid, non-caffeinated mustache imaged above.

Witty Remarks and Insights Welcome~

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