Dictionary of Foods

DictionaryofFoodsandCulinaryEncyclopaedia_5theditionCulinary Encyclopedia.

New book! So excited! The Dictionary of Foods and Culinary Encyclopedia, 5th Edition, by C. Herman Senn. No idea when it was printed, and my cursory internet sleuthing only turned up the 1st Edition from 1898. Check it out here.

C. Herman Senn was also known for the ever popular works of: Recherché Entreés, and Meals Without Meat.



…in short every subject connected with the table, cuisine, and gastronomy, has been judiciously treated…


And to kick things off, we have ‘A’ is for…img_20180514_1539291319611433162138770.jpg

Five points to anyone who can incorporate at least 2 items from the above list into a passably palatable recipe!

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  1. I procured an old family owned recipe book marked out by “drinks”, “sweets”, “sauces” and so on in the index. It was a grandmother I wrote to which due to her wonderful, kind nature was to extract recipes from magazines she thought I might like to try. (AH me, I miss her)

    This one today is most exemplary. Besides, there are some great new user names too. xD

    Any favorite food word/s for you in this dictionary, or give us a wonderful story time today based on a recipe? :o)

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