Thousand Island ~1917

Thousand Island Salad Dressing Recipe.

Salad dressing recipes are few and far between in the older cookbooks. This recipe for Thousand Island Salad Dressing comes from a slightly newer publication of 1917, and is both novel and familiar at the same time. A hard feat to pull off for a 101-year-old salad dressing!

What I haven’t figured out is: What is onion juice?

Source: A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband, 1917.

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  1. My grandmother made onion juice by grating an onion on cheese cloth & twisting it to squeeze the juice out into a small bowl.
    She used this juice to flavor cream cheese, which she spread on a ritz crackers and topped with an piece of anchovy. This was her signature appetizer.

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    1. Your grandmother sounds like she was adept in the kitchen department. I love the idea of onion flavored cream cheese on ritz crackers – no need for fancy cracker flavorings – and then with the anchovies – Yum! Thanks for stopping by!


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