Breakfast Inspiration: Poached Eggs on Toast ~1917

Gluten Free Poached Eggs on Toast Recipe.


When was the last time you made poached eggs? You see them on menus all of the time in restaurants, and they serve as a rich, creamy addition to simpler companion foods: grits, fried potatoes, and toast!

Note: Buttering the saucepan prior to poaching the egg helps keep the whites from sticking to it – which can be a pain to scrub off. Brilliant!

I’ve added salt, pepper and a dash of sweet paprika for a savory breakfast dish.

Poached Egg Recipe

Being a gluten free house, our toast came from Trader Joes – smaller slice sizes, but perfect for 1 egg each. The oven method for toasting under the broiler was simple, though I did leave the oven cracked to keep an eye on the process, and the method allowed me to toast 8 slices simultaneously – enough to feed the family. Also a useful toasting alternative if you happen to be in a non-gluten free kitchen.

Toast Recipe

Simple recipe from the highly entertaining: A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband, circa 1917. Thank you Subtle Subterfuge for passing this treasure along!

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I had a poached egg. I always just scramble mine and add lots of veggies and a good kick of pepper. Tomorrow I plan to poach an egg!

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    1. Oh! Chickens! What kind of chickens do you have? They are such wonderful additions to any yard. We had some for several years – they were family pets, more than egg layers. Unfortunately, we’re not zoned for chickens at the moment. I love that you get to enjoy poached eggs on toast regularly! Seems like the perfect meal. Thanks for stopping by!

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