Stock ~1855

Soyer's Shilling Cookery for the People

Simple Stock Recipe.

I’m exploring Soyer’s shilling cookery for the people. The author has an absolutely delightful writing style, writing the book in a correspondence style to Eloise. Here’s the introduction to soup:


And here’s the first lesson for Stock for Clear Soup:


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  1. I love making stock, especially during the winter months. You’d be surprised how much debate there is in the culinary world around the simplest stocks. Stock or broth, what’s the difference? Roast the bones first or not? Tomato paste? Peel the carrots before putting them in? Onions, leeks, or both? Splurge for grass-fed marrow bones? The list goes on and on. Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” episode on chicken stock is great and gives lots of good info to start. One thing I’ve learned is that combining a small batch of mushroom stock (from rehydrating dried mushrooms) with chicken stock makes a great soup base. Just be sure to strain the mushroom stock through cheesecloth as it can be very gritty.

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    1. Love the details, here…obviously well-versed in all things stock. Mine is a bit simpler: save the veggie scraps and chicken bits, boil for several hours. I’ve noticed that several recipes call for removing the scum on top to help keep it clear. Something I never bother to do. Thanks for stopping by! 😊


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