Coffee Monday: Seal Brand Coffee

Seal Brand Coffee.

Happy Monday!

“Let’s get acquainted all over again!”

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Monday: Seal Brand Coffee

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  1. My parents used Chase & Sanborn coffee. I learned how to open the can by taking a “key” off the bottom, then putting it in a “tab” of metal on the side of the lid. I had to carefully twist the key as it pulled a strip of metal off the side at the top of the can, winding the metal around the key. If it was coming off crooked, my mother would have to try and salvage the project before it accidentally broke off of the can. When done successfully, the lid could then be put back on the can. I’m sure it didn’t keep the coffee fresh at all, but it sure smelled good when the key started and a “whoosh” of aroma rushed out.

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