Simple Italian Cookery 1912

By Antonia Isola

Who’s feeling in the mood for some old-fashioned, classic Italian home cooking?


With a name like Antonia Isola, you know it’s going to be good!

This is a short text, about 60 pages, 5×8, but don’t judge this book by its cover. Tucked inside are some amazing recipes packed with flavor!

And of course it wouldn’t be Italian cuisine without tomato sauce, so here are 3 recipes to tease your appetite:




Observation No. 1.: Anyone who uses wineglasses for measurements is a friend I want in my life. None of this wimpy ‘teacupful’ of sauce. No. It’s two wineglasses of stock, thank you very much (and you KNOW there’s a little sipping on the side, or at least there would be in my kitchen). How Italian is that?? Lovin’ it!

Observation No. 2: No garlic? In any of these recipes? Not even in the second recipe? Hmmm…that was a surprise.


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