Fannie Farmer Mint Glazed Carrots

Carrots and Peas Recipe.

Confession time: Vegetables in my house are typically of the frozen varietal with some salt and pepper thrown on for good measure.

Unexciting at best.

Today’s recipe for mint glazed carrots and peas comes from the famous Fannie Farmer Boston School of Cooking cookbook, which I picked up at a local thrift shop for $5 USD (still giddy about this find). Fannie Farmer’s cookbook was published in various editions from the late 1800 through the 1920s and is given credit for standardizing cooking measurements (none of this ‘1 teacup full’ or ‘a large round spoonful’) which I suppose is a good thing, but makes the final product less of a surprise.

Onto Mint Glaze Carrots with Peas

Prep Time: 8 min.
Cook Time: 30 min.

The carrots were fresh. The mint came off my dried herb rack on the kitchen window. The peas, alas, came from the freezer, but seemed well-pleased with their upgrade.

I roasted the carrots in the oven because I had a chicken going at the same time. Set at 350F for about 30 minutes. Microwaved the peas for 3 minutes, then mixed in with the carrots during the final 5 minutes of cooking.

I’m not sure how Fannie was able to cut her carrots into lovely shapes. Mine were kind of scrawny and wound up slightly larger than the peas when all was said and done. However, the final product was bright, cheerful, and well-received by the family.

Total success! Easy peasy!

(Sorry for that, couldn’t resist!)


Mint Glazed Carrots and Peas

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