Soup for the Poor ~1847

Soup for the Poor 1847

Hearty Soup Recipe.

Winter! When will it end? Here’s a hearty vegetarian winter soup recipe to keep the frost at bay.

Peameal refers to ground yellow peas. This would be used to coat pork tips. In this case, however, it’s probably just referring to the peas.

I don’t use oats in my soups. Nor do I think I’ve ever seen it added to soups in general. Barley, okay – oatmeal? Not so much.

Have you used oatmeal in a savory soup before? If so, how did it turn out? Steal cut? Quick oats?

More Fun Discoveries.

Source: Cheap receipts and hints on cookery; collected for distribution amongst the Irish peasantry in 1847.

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    1. Semina makes sense. My go-to is brown rice. I stopped cooking my brown rice with the soup, and instead added it pre-cooked to keep the broth clear. I am thinking that pre-cooked steal cut oats would add a similar character.

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