Hot Chocolate (American and French) ~1897

Screenshot-2017-10-29 Jennie June's American cookery book, containing

Hot Chocolate Recipes – American and French.

Simple American and French Hot Chocolate recipes to warm your cold January day!

Ingredients: Chocolate, milk, water, sugar. I might add a little salt.

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8 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate (American and French) ~1897

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  1. I’d go for the French version! But old recipes rarely give enough info, it seems. What KIND of chocolate? How much? How much water? Milk? I guess experimenting adds to the enjoyment~

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  2. HI~
    There is a lady on YouTube called Phyllis Stokes that recently made a 1950 version of hot cocoa. Her sister was in home economy at the time and taught her family how to make this version. I believe it was located for a while on the back of Hersey’s Cocoa as well. I liked the fact the water, sugar, and salt where boiled first, then the milk added and finished off with vanilla and mish-mashs. (aka marshmallows) Mrs. Phyllis has the BEST growing up stories!
    Since I am such a rebel, I HAD to invent my own version and add Borden’s Creamer to make it creaming tasting there for teaching my 12 year old son my secret. Now he has mom’s secret the household wants to know and has tried to weasel out of him. ;o)

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