Teenager Makes Christmas Candy ~1889


Candy Recipe.

This is a great recipe and offers us a glimpse at the life of a young 14 year old teenage girl, Miss Jessie Miller, living in Washington D.C. We know that: 1). she didn’t go to school. 2). she had a brother who did go to school, 3). her father was the attorney general, so she comes from an educated family, 4). she cooked and was proud of her candy, and 5). boys were important to her. Not much has changed in 120 years with regards to No. 5.

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Source: The Salt Lake Herald, December 25, 1889.


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  1. Most girls in those days only attended 8 grades of school. If she came from a well to do family with social ties she would then go off to finishing school. My oldest aunt left school in 1912 at the age of 14 after 8th grade.

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    1. What a different era, no? The neat thing is that she wrote into the paper with her recipe – She must have been so proud to see it published. I’d like to believe that she would be pretty excited about having her recipe posted today!


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