Cream Peppermints ~1897

Screenshot-2017-11-4 Montgomery Ward co 's Common sense cookery
Montgomery Ward and Co. Common Sense Cookery, 1897 Cream Peppermint Recipe

Cream Peppermints Recipe

Tis the season when cooks begin to break out their cookie and candy recipes for gift exchanges! This Cream Peppermint recipe is as straightforward as it gets.


  • 2 cups powder sugar
  • 6 Tbsp. water
  • 1/4 tsp. cream of targer
  • 1/2 tsp. essence of peppermint

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11 thoughts on “Cream Peppermints ~1897

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. That is simple enough to try. I like your front page. Today was the first time I took time to look at it. I told a blogger in a email recently that I have only seen one other blogger use the slide show on their front page. My theme allows 6 images in the slide show. I had very little trouble setting up that but it took me a year to figure out how to get my recipes to print out. Because I said something, I noticed your slide presentation on your front page. LOL It must be karma. I am a fan of your blog because I like food history and old recipes.

    I wonder how many people knows that winning $5 for a recipe in the beginning of the 1930’s depression was equal to one week’s wages in a Five and Dime store. My mother’s sister worked then in a Dime store for a dollar a day, that paid the farm’s taxes. When she got a 10 cent raise, she was thrilled because it meant that she could spend the extra 50 cents a week for other things.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m having a great time playing with the theme and trying things out. I joined a wordpress meetup group hosted by local programmers. They give lessons and answer questions once a month with a group of us who all use wordpress for different types of sites. It’s been really helpful. They get into the site, too, because typically I’m working on content (not coding), and recipe cures for rattlesnake bites are just interesting!

      I think looking at cookbooks really is an interesting window into the way people led their lives oh-so-long-ago. There are all of these little tidbits that may seem odd, but really do make sense once you start thinking about it. Like winning $5 for shortcake recipe in the 1930s and what a big deal that was! No wonder Elmina pasted it into her cookbook – it was a huge financial windfall. Like your aunt and the 10 cent raise. Wow! And that was only a generation ago…

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. When I started with wordpress in 2009 that theme didn’t have an optional front page or even menu options. Since I was flying by the seat of my pants I just stuck with the free account. I mostly used the account for the draft option to write on for another blog that did not have a draft option. I mostly wrote about politics and history. I didn’t get serious about food blogging until a few other bloggers from the other site talked me into it.

    They were always wanting to know how to scratch cook dishes. I wrote and posted the recipes on my WP account. I deleted all the older political posts and made it about simple easy cooking. That was almost 6 years ago. I changed themes a few times and played with each one learning as I go. The theme I have now I really like. I also like the stats page that WP has now. I have a better idea who my audience is.

    Since google changed their algorithms last summer, I am getting less traffic from the google searches and more from outside the country. So I bought a scale to measure in metric a week ago to be able to give both types of measurements. I haven’t made up my mind if I will go back and add metrics to all the recipes. When I finally figured out my mistake in the printer code, the views went up because I think people wanted to look around to see if there was something else they liked to print out. It took a while to update all the recipes with printable recipe. I still have the first 2 months to finish. I do one or two a week because I have lots of editing to do on them.

    It has been a fun journey.

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    1. What a journey! Yes, I’ve had several professional WP sites in the past, and have I realized since starting this one that google changed their searches because it’s much harder to get organic traffic. That and all of my posts are mainly pictures, which are challenging to crawl and index. I started by taking an online WP class from my local adult ed program and thought it would be a good skill to develop in the long run. For right now, it’s just a fun way to share a hobby that I enjoy in my free time! We’ll see where things are in 8 years like you 🙂 I love the fact that you’re responsive to your readers and changed to metric. Never would have thought of that – absolutely brilliant! Here’s to cooking – and blogging – and learning – and sharing!

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