On Persimmons ~1863

The Search for Persimmons - Persimmons are truly a seasonal and regional fruit. The local farmers' market has been flush with persimmons for the past few weeks and I've been looking for persimmon recipes with little luck. Then, a happy coincidence. The Library of Congress had a special blog post on early American beer brewing... Continue Reading →

Jellied Turkey ~1897

Jellied Turkey Recipe Still looking for turkey leftover recipes? This one is a stretch for the modern palate. A savory jelly made out of stock and gelatin with bits of meat added to it (just like the red jello with grapes in it - only different). More Fun Discoveries Turkey Scalloped 1881 To Carve Roast... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Caramels ~1897

Chocolate Caramels Recipe Here is a recipe which is cheap, simple, and never fails! Love it! Ingredients 1 cup molasses 2 teacupfuls of white sugar 1 piece of butter the size of a small egg 1/4 lb. of grated chocolate - but you don't have to grate it, just break it up As someone who... Continue Reading →

Cream Peppermints ~1897

Cream Peppermints Recipe Tis the season when cooks begin to break out their cookie and candy recipes for gift exchanges! This Cream Peppermint recipe is as straightforward as it gets. Ingredients 2 cups powder sugar 6 Tbsp. water 1/4 tsp. cream of targer 1/2 tsp. essence of peppermint More Fun Discoveries Risot a la Piemontaise... Continue Reading →

To Re-Cook Cold Turkey 1881

This turkey leftover recipe calls for oysters - and oyster liquor - which is not a food I would typically associate with leftover turkey. But it sounds wonderful! You'll also find the requisite grated nutmeg. More Fun Discoveries Mulled Wine ~ 1876 Corn Pudding ~1905 Pumpkin Soup ~1866   Source: Home Cookery 250 Tested Receipts,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Dinner ~1866

My, this Thanksgiving feast from 1866 is almost identical to the traditional  Thanksgiving dinner celebrated by my family growing up! Talk about tradition! Happy Thanksgiving! More Fun Discoveries Mashed Pumpkin ~1885 Baked Apples ~1886 Hot Apple-Toddy ~1886

How the President Carves Turkey ~1889

How the President Carves Turkey Give me that gobbler brown and luscious! A literary masterpiece! Just in case you missed it, Harrison carves the turkey at the table (not in the kitchen). More Fun Discoveries Directions for Setting Refreshment Tables ~1866 Apple Jam ~ 1876 Coffee Custard ~1905 Source: St. Paul Daily Globe, 1889.

To Carve Roast Turkey ~1886

  How to Carve a Turkey Ah, the 1 day a year when you get to wield your knives in an unwieldy fashion. Fear not! Your trusty Practical American Cookery book has your back and gives step-by-step instructions on how to carve the Thanksgiving turkey.If you look really closely, you can see the dotted lines... Continue Reading →

Turkey Scalloped 1881

Turkey Scalloped Got leftovers? This is a spinoff of the turkey pie you would make with mashed potatoes. Instead of potatoes, layer a dish with breadcrumbs, a little milk, turkey, dressing, butter, and gravy. The final layer is a mixture of 2 eggs, milk, melted butter, and cracker crumbs in a thick, spreadable paste on... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Pie “The Crown of the Feast”~1866

Thanksgiving Pie Recipe 1866 This is an incredibly detailed recipe, calling for delicate pastry work. No doubt that the Thanksgiving Pie was truly the crown of the feast! Happy Thanksgiving! More Fun Discoveries The Victorian Home: Yearly Staff Wages ~1880 Introduction: Homemade WWII Cookbook History of Aunt Jemima ~1919   Source: Mrs. Crown's American Lady's... Continue Reading →


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