Pumpkin Soup ~1866

Here's to the end of October! This pumpkin soup recipe will look familiar for anyone who makes butternut squash soup. I actually have also found that adding a spoonful of sugar improves the overall flavor, but, as mentioned, is not entirely necessary. Recommend using a slow cooker instead of going to all the bother of... Continue Reading →

Golden Sunshine Cake –

Recipe from 1922 Meets 2017 Teen. Big shout-out to the Pacific Grove High School Culinary One class!  Students create a digital portfolio of recipes they make over the course of the year outside of class, which is a brilliant way to get them into the kitchen. This month my daughter chose a yellow cake recipe... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Diet Drink ~1885

I kid you not. A diet drink of pumpkin seeds from 1885. Let's unpack this: Dried pumpkin seeds Boiled water Used for strangury and kindred complaints Strangury is kidney or bladder stones - ouch! Check out the full description of Strangury here. More Fun Discoveries How to Boil Potatoes ~1856 Coffee Custard ~1905 Eating an... Continue Reading →

Mashed Pumpkin ~1885

This mashed pumpkin recipe is similar to any mashed potato recipe. I would typically roast the pumpkin and then scoop out the insides and mash. Here you pare first and then boil and mash. Happy Fall! More Fun Discoveries All Displays of Violence Are in Very Bad Taste ~1856 Cream Custard ~1866 Frowzy Wives and... Continue Reading →

On Pumpkins ~1885

Will you be carving pumpkins soon? Halloween is right around the corner in the U.S., so here's a small snippet from 1885 to get everyone in the mood! The Pumpkin regains its popularity when prepared for use in pies. Some varieties grow to an immense size, and when dry are cut into the shape of... Continue Reading →

Apple Jam ~ 1876

Apple Jam Recipe Ingredients: Brown sugar Sour apples (pared, cored, chopped fine) Grated rind of 2 lemons White ginger Note: The ginger is essential to its peculiar excellence (which I think is a unique taste twist!) More Fun Discoveries Rich Baked Apple Pudding ~1890 Apples Prepared for Nice Pies ~1851 Coffee Monday: French Coffee and... Continue Reading →

Stuffed Tomatoes ~ 1900

Another stuffed tomato recipe!?! Stuffed tomatoes, where have you been all my life?!? Slightly different than the last stuffed tomato recipe, this one sautes up the innards and adds some meat, herbs, and breadcrumbs. Love it! And it comes in French, too! More Fun Discoveries Wine Sangree ~1866 Mrs. Madison’s Whim ~1866 Flossie on Hospitality... Continue Reading →

Potato Omelet ~ 1900

This potato omelet recipe looks similar to tortilla espanola. This comes from a Creole cook book - bilingual no less! Ooh la la! More Fun Discoveries Table Covers ~1886 The Flabby Entrée ~1893 Coffee Custard ~1905

Hot Apple-Toddy ~1886

This hot apple-toddy recipe sounds delicious! A marvelous treat to any holiday party - or cozy winter's evening in front of the fire. Ingredients: Baked apple pulp 2 Fingers of apple-jack 2 Fingers of boiling water 1 Tbsp. sugar Grated nutmeg Cheers! More Fun Discoveries: Elmina’s Home Remedies – WWII Beef Loaf ~1904 Bread Pudding... Continue Reading →

October Menu ~1900

Welcome, October! This month's menu features a variety of delectable options, including: Stewed Dates, Cream of Cauliflower Soup, Baked Rabbits Stuffed with Chestnuts, Tongue Salad, and Rice Cream. Source: Topeka State Journal, October 20, 1900. Discover More.


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