Gotham Pudding ~1866

  Today's post of Gotham Pudding is in honor of Batman Day. I salute you, Mrs. Corwen, as a kindred Batman spirit from across the ages! Source: Mrs. Corwen's American Lady's Cookery Book, 1866. More Delightful Discoveries Bathing: Cures Insanity, Prevents Cholera ~1856 Cures: Teething, Scurvy, Rattlesnakes, Etc. ~1856 It Is Not Merely a Question... Continue Reading →

Eggs in Tomato Cups ~1913

We've all heard of stuffed bell peppers, but what about tomatoes? Check out this 4 ingredient recipe! Experience Level: Novice. This recipe came by way of a cookbook published around 1913/1914 by the Merchants of San Francisco. The target market was the new bride. The book is filled with fantastic advertisements on where to have... Continue Reading →

Baked Apples ~1886

Who doesn't love apples, brown sugar, and cream?!? Makes a very nice dessert. This is an easy recipe for baked apples: Slice them up Sprinkle with 1 cup of brown sugar & 1 cup of water Bake Cool and dust with powdered sugar Serve with cream The apples would be very tender if cut into... Continue Reading →

Apples Prepared for Nice Pies ~1851

Apple orchards are magical summaries of summer's abundance. In honor of their prolific work, Convivial Supper will be featuring several apple recipes over the next few weeks. Get ready to tuck in! Of course, apple pies are on the top of the list, so here's a great recipe on preparing apples for pies. Note that... Continue Reading →

Potato Puff Balls ~1941

Always looking for ways to re-purpose mashed potatoes...'Potato Puff Balls' sounded so perfect, I just had to give this one a try. This recipe comes from a condensed pamphlet entitled 250 Ways of Serving Potatoes (Culinary Arts Institute, 1941) - containing everything from baked potatoes, to potato salad, to potato puff balls! One note: Mashed... Continue Reading →

Elmina’s “Death to Grasshoppers”

Want to know how to get rid of those pesky grasshoppers in your garden? Elmina's has you covered! Here's a how-to video. Discover More: Introduction: Elmina H. Allen's 1930s-1940s Homemade Cookbook Elmina Wins a Prize Elmina Shares Winning Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Elmina Wins a Prize WWII Cookbook

Video time! The best part of this cookbook is the inside cover. Elmina proudly pinned the newspaper article where she won first prize for the strawberry recipe contest! Way to go Elmina! More Fun Discoveries: Introduction: Elmina H. Allen's 1930s-1940s Homemade Cookbook Elmina Shares Winning Strawberry Shortcake Recipe – WWII Cookbook A Toast to Fannie... Continue Reading →

Victorian Picnic Menu ~1880

Happy Labor Day to all those celebrating the end of summer in the US! A fine day for picnics, no? Here's a must-bring list from 1880. How does your shopping list compare? A joint of cold roast beef, a joint of cold boiled beef, 2 ribs of lamb, 2 shoulders of lamb, 4 roast fowls,... Continue Reading →

Elmina’s Home Remedies – WWII

Video time! Elmina has an extensive list of home remedies for a variety of common ills. She mentions getting some of these from the local doctor and others from neighbors. Fascinating peek at self-care in the 1930s. More Fun Discoveries: Introduction: Elmina H. Allen's 1930s-1940s Homemade Cookbook Elmina Wins a Prize Elmina Shares Winning Strawberry... Continue Reading →

Introduction: Homemade WWII Cookbook

This is a delightful homemade cookbook brought to you by Elmina H. Allen, of Syracuse, NY. While a bit more modern than Convivial Supper's typical find, it holds some fun - and funky - treasures! Enjoy! More Fun Discoveries Interpreting Victorian Baking Temperatures ~1866 Eating an Artichoke ~1886 Boiled Celery Recipe ~1886

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