The Victorian Home: Yearly Staff Wages ~1880

How about your very own cook for £ 45 annually?

The auto inflation calculator reports that this is about £5k/year. Not bad.

This is a great peek into the economics of household management.

Victorian Household Staff Wages, 1880

Alas, we see the issue of equal pay stretching its hand across time. That said…

Check out how the salaries were differentiated for men, women, liveried (uniformed), and with/without an allowance for tea, sugar, and beer.

How curious that salaries would be tiered based on these 3 foods.

Right after the list, there’s also the suggested staffing models for households of various incomes. Even the lower ends called for a Maid-of-all-work, or girl for rough work.

The book spares no economy, and suggests that an older daughter is perfectly capable of filling this role.

Time to have a conversation with my daughter…

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