Wesson Cooking Oil ~1900

It is perfectly digestible, which lard is not. It is cleanly and free from disease-taint to which swine, from which lard is made, are liable. Dyspeptics can with impunity enjoy food made with it. It goes twice as far as lard or butter and is therefore cheaper. Wesson's Salad Oil is far greater value than... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream ~1866

Ice Cream - May be made thus: Check out this wonderful recipe. What I like about it is that it includes directions for flavoring with fruit juice - au natural! More Fun Discoveries How to Make Ice Cream ~1866 Strawberry Syrup ~1866 To Make Lemonade ~1866  

Fried Tomatoes ~ 1866

At the local farmer's market on Monday, a young stand worker took out a huge cardboard box, hefted it over her head, and poured out hundreds of tomatoes into a mountainous red sea. Ah, summer! Here's an easy, 3 ingredient fried tomato recipe for all of you enjoying bountiful harvests. Fried Tomatoes, Victorian-Style! NB: Needs... Continue Reading →

Summer Squash ~1866

Another zucchini recipe?!? (Just in case your garden over-floweth...) Simple. Straightforward. Typical recipe used to cook zucchini today. This recipe is from an American cookbook, so we see it as 'squash', not courgettes.  Fascinating. What do you call zucchini? More Fun Discoveries Zucchini! I Found You! ~1880 Soda Lemonade, from a Most Clever Physician ~... Continue Reading →

Zucchini! I Found You! ~1880

Mrs. Beeton Zucchini Recipes. Victorian Marrow. Ah, late summer...The only time of year when Smalltown America locks its car doors so that neighbors can't offload their zucchini in the front seat. Our vegetable co-op box comes each Friday, and tis the season for zucchini. So I said to myself, "Self, why not find a great... Continue Reading →

Navigating Antique Cookbooks 101

From Mrs. Beeton. Open up any pre-1900 cookbook and you're in for a treat! Depending on the particular tome's scope, you'll find the Contents, Appendix, and Analytical Index. I found Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management at the local library's monthly book sale last week, and wow! What a treasure! The first edition came out... Continue Reading →

Risot a la Piemontaise ~1844

A simple delicious risotto! You'll need five ingredients: Italian rice (arborio) Butter One onion Broth Parmesan I think of something like a Parmesan risotto as a more modern dish. Nope. Not at all. Folks were enjoying risotto 150 years ago! More Fun Discoveries Satisfaction in Repast: Judicious Selection and Perfect Cookery Chocolate and a Mysterious... Continue Reading →

Mary Was a Baker ~1911

Happy Saturday! May your kitchen be warm and welcoming for all who come and go! More Fun Discoveries Flossie on Hospitality ~1904 Whortleberry Fried-Cakes ~1886 Fried Peaches ~1866 Source: The Day Book, November 6, 1911.

A Model Housewife ~1887

This image of 'A Model Housewife' was taken from the very first column dedicated to cooking recipes in the St. Paul Daily Globe newspaper. The introduction states that they received more cake recipes than any other submission (because who doesn't love cake?!?!) and that the newspaper will make this a permanent column. If you're interested... Continue Reading →

August Menu ~1808

Welcome, August! This month the cookbook brings you: Scallops, Almond Custard, Onion Soup, Ham Pie, and Fry'd Salmon. Source: Art of Cookery, 1808. More Fun Discoveries Coffee Custard ~1905 To Bottle Fruit (With Hay?) ~1866 How to Make Ice Cream ~1866 July Menu ~1808 Discover More.


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