Chocolate Cake – Grey Eyes~1905



The Progressive Farmer is a country newspaper from North Carolina.  Aunt Jennie runs a write-in column sharing tips and tricks from readers. You can see that the readers are connecting with one another, using the column as a stand-in for a social gathering, which would make sense in a rural community prior to radio.

There’s something haunting and lonely in this column. We have a 19 year old girl, Grey Eyes, who yearns to connect with others her age, dreaming about the other readers,  and whose heart aches to go to school. She is destined to stay at home and care for her aging mamma instead. She’s the household cook, working 365 days a year feeding her brothers and sisters, yet abstains from calling it drudgery.

WWI will hit when she’s 30, followed by the Spanish Influenza, the Great Depression, and WWII. One wonders what happened to Grey Eyes with her dreams for the future and companionship, and we’re left feeling not a little grateful for being alive in this moment…

Source: The Progressive Farmer, September 12, 1905.

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