How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather (By One Who Knows) ~1902


Grape-Nuts?!? I bet you didn’t see that one coming!

You can feel from ten to twenty degrees cooler than your neighbor. Grape-Nuts is a concentrated food giving strength, vitality and coolness to the body and energy and clearness to the brain. Its crisp taste with the delicate sweet of the grape sugar makes it pleasing to the palate of the most critical epicure (which could be true if you don’t include anyone under the age of 15).

So, I have to ask Grape-Nuts enthusiasts everywhere: Is true what they say about all this hype? Are Grape-Nuts better than a Yeti cooler?

Source: The Commoner, July 25, 1902.


6 thoughts on “How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather (By One Who Knows) ~1902

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    1. Ahhh – that’s the unspoken humor and beauty of this post! Grapenuts are a commercial cold cereal, just like Cheerios or Wheaties. Tiny, hard grape seed sized bits of bran. Luv it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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