Coffee Monday: Gloria Coffee Recipe ~1886


The form of black coffee called gloria by the French is rather an accident than a deliberately composed beverage. In all French households, it is the custom to serve cognac among the liqueurs after dinner, with the black coffee; and so far does the custom now prevail in this country, that in many of the hotels and restaurants a demi-tasse, or small glass of brandy, accompanies the small cup of black coffee served after dinner, unless cafe a la creme has been specified. After the black coffee is very much sweetened, a teaspoonful of brandy is poured upon the surface, and lighted; when the brandy is nearly burned away, the flame is blown out, and the coffee drank. The effect of this beverage was satisfactory to its originators, that the marked their estimation of it be calling it gloria.

I can already see some of you reaching for the flask and a lighter…

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Source: Miss Corson’s Practical American Cookery and Household Management, 1886.

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