To Dry Artichoke Bottoms 1808

How to dry artichokes, 18k08

Artichokes are timeless.

Their savory flavor always a delicacy on their own, in sauces, or dips. The problem is, however, that their season is so short.

Living in Coastal California, you can stop at the roadside stands and pick up bags of little artichokes for a screaming deal – 10/$1, and even the medium sized ones would maybe be 4/$1. In contrast the flyover states offer artichokes up at 1/$3, which make them an occasional nostalgic indulgence.


That said, I never knew what to DO with the abundance of artichokes during artichoke season (which happens to be now, btw). It honestly never occurred to me to dry out the hearts and save them for later. I especially like how Chef Mollard followed up the drying instructions with details on how to reconstitute and prepare them for cooking. Very considerate.

Winter stews and ragouts! Oh joy!

Note: Cullis is a strong meat broth.

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Source: Art of Cookery, by John Mollard. 1808.


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