Cannelons With Cream ~1886

Cannelons 1886

Cannelons: Not to be confused with cannoli, but the similarity is uncanny, no? Something was lost in translation…darned Italian grammar.

The baking stick illustration is marvelous! One can imagine the young children of the household running around with these in mock battles!

Here is a fried cannellons recipes from 1830:

Cannelons Fried – 1830

To read the description, they sound a bit more like jelly-filled doughnuts than cannoli, but the powder-sugar seems a staple through the centuries!


More Fun Discoveries

Image Source: Miss Corson’s Practical American Cookery and Household Management, 1886.

Recipe Source: The Cook’s Dictionary and House-Keeper’s Directory, Richard Dolby, 1830.

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